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News stories tracking Myers' lies;

Democrat Hit Piece Lies About Sheehan's Position on Sales Tax

For Immediate Release - September 18, 2010
Press Contact: Leif Iverson- (541) 933-5343

Clackamas-- Voters in House District 51 recently received a mailer accusing Patrick Sheehan, running for State Representative, of supporting a 30% national sales tax. Sheehan calls the piece a 'blatant lie designed to scare voters and take away from the real issues facing this district'.

Sheehan had warned voters and the media that the attack would be coming several days before the piece hit mailboxes in the district.

"Even though I knew the Democrats and Cheryl Myers were going to send a nasty hit piece trying to claim I advocate for a national sales tax of 30 percent, I am appalled and disgusted by the language and the implication of the actual piece," stated Sheehan. "I have never advocated for a sales tax, either locally or nationally and neither does Americans for Prosperity. The Democrats and Cheryl Myers are so afraid of their own record of raising taxes during a recession, giving pay raises and higher benefits to state employees and laying off teachers while keeping raises for others that they have fabricated this lie and tried to pin it on me and other candidates," Sheehan continued.

The piece uses the language "No means No" on one side and on the other side, it attempts to portray Sheehan as an activist with the group. That phrase is most closely identified with rape victims who have told their attacker 'No' and been forced to engage in sexual acts against their will.

"Using the language 'No means No' in this piece shows how low the Democrats and Myers are willing to go to win an election," said Sheehan. "This behavior is reprehensible, disgusting and should not go unpunished. For the Democrats to use a woman's darkest fears and most frightening experiences to play political games turns my stomach."

"I am asking voters in this district to send a statement to Cheryl Myers and Democrats responsible for this disgusting mail piece and publicly denounce her and her candidacy," concluded Sheehan. "We need to focus on getting Oregonians back to work and bringing home paychecks again, not mud-slinging, false accusations and lies to the voters."

For more information contact Leif Iverson at 541-933-5343.

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My friends ...

Friday, September 17, 2010, 6:00 p.m. – I was just hit with a NASTY DIRECT MAIL PIECE WITH COMPETELY FALSE AND MISLEADING INFORMATION from my opponent Cheryl Myers via Future PAC, the political action committee of the House Democratic Caucus. The mailer claims I support an absurd 30% sales tax. This is completely false and dishonest. In fact, in debating Cheryl Myers yesterday I asked her to call off this vicious and knowingly false attack, to which she returned a puzzled look. Below are two press releases ... one sent by my campaign yesterday anticipating this hit, and another sent by Americans for Prosperity in response to another candidate being similarly targeted. Please read them and tell your neighbors and friends not to believe this manipulation.

Sheehan Warns of Misleading Mailer from Opponent and Unions

For Immediate Release - September 16, 2010
Press Contact: Leif Iverson- (541) 933-5343

Clackamas-- Patrick Sheehan today warned voters about a false "sales tax" mailer being sent in other targeted districts by House Democrats on behalf of their candidates. Sheehan said he expects a similar mailer to be sent to House District 51 voters on behalf of Democratic candidate Cheryl Myers.

"I've seen copies of the mailer being sent to other targeted districts and what House Democrats are implying about Republicans' support for a sales tax," Sheehan said. Democrats have made 'push calls' to voters in District 51 implying my support for a sales tax, and I expect them to launch further false attacks on this issue."

"I strongly oppose adding a sales tax to Oregon's long list of revenue streams, and I call on Cheryl Myers to stop these false attacks before they are mailed in this district. House Democrats are doing a disservice to Oregonians who deserve an honest and fair debate on the issues."

The mailer states the Republican candidates' tax plan is to add a sales tax. It also attempts to link the candidate with a grassroots organization calling for a national "fair tax," implying the candidate also wants the tax.

"This kind of dishonest, misleading campaigning is exactly what Oregon voters are sick and tired of from the special interests, the career politicians and their hand-picked candidates like my opponent," stated Sheehan. "The current Legislature is too polarized and too unbalanced to solve today's problems. I'm running to be a part of a new, collaborative Legislature that puts great ideas ahead of senseless partisanship," said Sheehan.

Sheehan is owner of Crazy Finger Design Group, a Clackamas-based advertising agency that's focused on interactive communication. A graduate of Washington State University, he has also served as an instructor at a local community college.

"Instead of focusing on positive plans to help Oregon recover from this economic recession, House Democrats are playing games again in order to keep their super-majority so they can raise taxes, pay off their union supporters and continue to lead Oregon down the wrong track," said Sheehan. "It is time for common sense, integrity and balance in our State Legislature and I will bring that to Salem when elected."

Sheehan's Campaign Manager, Leif Iverson, can be reached at (541) 933-5343 for more information.


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